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Why aint nobody sayin nothin

there is something they are not telling us about this virus

     Hello all my name is Meshon…and yes, I am on lockdown too! I always had a feeling there was something about this virus they were not telling us. And all of a sudden this thing showed up on the governments door step, and money couldn’t stop it, building a wall couldn’t subdue it, it didn’t discriminate etc. AND now its an epidemic. 

     Little by little we are given pieces of information, just enough to keep us on edge. In the beginning we were told only older individuals and those with a compromised immune system were the only ones susceptible to this virus. When you think about it that’s more than half the world. That’s anyone who has diabetes,asthma,bronchitis, the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong I know this lockdown is for the best to keep this thing contained until they can figure it out. They can lock down my flesh but not my mind, spirit. And definitely not my voice!  

     I did a little research of my own and found out this virus was DISCOVERED back in the 1930’s. So it has been in existence for at least 90 years. Not only that some, scientist say over the years it has been misdiagnosed as common cold, then came SARS IN 2003, 2004 HCOVNL 63, 2005 MERS, and the list goes on. These are all said to be an extension of the COVID 19 so over 90 years this virus has been mutating and getting stronger, more fatal, and here we are. We cant sleep on this thing. Its not time to live in fear, we just have to take the necessary precautions. Who knows how long you can walk around infected and not know it. I understand they don’t want an outbreak of foolishness on top of what’s going on.. you know what I mean, things like hoarding toilet paper, food and cleaning supplies. This thing has to be air born. How else could it make it to the jail a place that is already quarantined. Its time for them to be real with us and stop sugar coating this.

   You mean to tell me, I cant have a test if I have a cough and a compromised immune system? I cant even defend myself by getting a test unless im to the point of having a fever and coughing up blood. I don’t know about anybody else, but to’ me that sounds like ‘THE END! Why do we have to wait that long? Or what about not being able to return to work because you have a cough and need a doctors note clearing you to return. No-one will see you because you are not close enough to death yet. Some cant get FMLA because you have to be under a doctors care. I know people are coming together to fight this thing the best they can, and I don’t want to take anything from that. If we are unable to lend a helping hand, always have a voice! Before I go I want to end on this note: Back on May 25th 1986 there was a movement called “Hands across America.” I know the fact that I remember this tells my age, however 6.5 million people held hands across the nation to raise money to fight homelessness and hunger. Although we cant hold hands, we do have a voice and there is power in numbers. And I got a father in a high place that will hear and answer the meekest prayer. Let’s connect our voices across the world leave your comments and concerns. All voices matter. Until next time stay suited up, protect yourself, and most of all stay prayed up!

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God Bless you and your families…This too Shall Pass

prayers that bring miracles! In JESUS Name


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